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Terms & conditions

These terms of Sales and Use are between our Users and us “Royal Retail.” Royal Retail is an online grocery store delivering food products to our online customers. These terms apply to all users either registered or non-registered, anyone accessing our online store. 

This party or Seller is Royal Retail (registration details and address and contact information), herein referred to as “Royal Retail”, “Seller”, “us”, “we”, and or “our”. 

Users are people who are registered on our website and have ongoing communication with us via a user account, email communications, etc.

Buyers are people who access our website who would like to make a purchase and people who may not purchase. Users and Buyers are referred to as “you”,”User”, “buyer”, “your”.

We, at Royal Retail, solicit some basic personally identifiable information to everyone who would like to register with us. We solicit this information for legal compliance and for delivery purposes. We have mentioned how we save and process your information in the Privacy Policies. 

If you are registered user with us, and if you have your payment information stored in your account then you are responsible for your user account. It is your responsibility to not give access to others or allow unauthorised access. Royal Retail will not be responsible for any unauthorised access to your account. 

Any goods purchased on our website can be made only by people who are 18 years or older. We deliver to addresses with zip codes that are already enlisted in our website. We do not deliver outside of Norway. 

All consumer purchases are complied with the laws of Norway including but not limited to the undertaking Act, Consumer Purchase Act, Personal Information Act, Marketing Act, E-commerce Act, etc. Please read on about these laws to be familiar with them and your obligations while making purchases with us. 

Your order is considered to be binding if your order is registered on our server. Once we receive your order, we will send you an email to confirm your order reception. If one or more products go out of stock before we ship your order, we have the right to cancel that part or your entire order. You will be notified when such a situation arises. If you place a prepaid order, we will reverse the money back to your mode of payment. If the payment is done through net banking, we will write to you to solicit your bank account details. 

We have quoted all the prices including all taxes otherwise mentioned. The total cost usually includes cost of the products, packing and delivery charges. In case you would like to bulk purchase, we can accept orders only when you place a prepaid order. We reserve the right to cancel orders placed by the same customer for the same products that they initially purchased. You cannot place orders for more than 7 items of the same product.

We deliver throughout Norway but the prices will be based on your distance from our delivery centres and based on the availability of the food products. 

We constantly update our prices, therefore you may not find the same product at the same cost days or weeks or months later. We reserve the right to cancel an order, if there’s price fluctuation and based on the inventory. 

Our Deliveries:

We deliver the orders to the address mentioned in the shipping address. We deliver to your doorstep, and your products are our responsibility until they are delivered to you. We will notify you if there will be any delay in deliveries. We reserve the right to cancel delivery if the individual does not behave in a civilised manner. If our drivers or delivery executives express any discomfort with your behaviour, we reserve the right to cancel your membership with us without providing any compensation. 

Dealing with Complaints

We try to comply with all rules when it comes to fulfilling orders. Nevertheless there can be situations when that is not the case. Here are some scenarios where we receive complaints and the way we cope:

It is your responsibility to make sure that the delivery you receive is in accordance with what we promise. If you happen to receive products that are damaged and you write to us within 24 hours, we will refund your money or send a new product that is intact. 

We mention the shelf life of all products including fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, and meat. If you happen to receive any product that has crossed the given the shelf life, we will refund your money. Although, we cannot refund the money if you had purchased these items that were on sale or using any promotion codes. 

If you would like to cancel your order, raise any complaints for breach of policies you can write to us at (MENTION EMAIL ADDRESS).

Undelivered Orders 

Royal Retail does not assume responsibility for the condition or shelf life of the products if they are not collected in the stipulated time. This will not be applicable if you notify us regarding your unavailability at least 24 hours before delivery. If you are not available at the delivery address, we will call you at the number given to discuss our next actions. 

If you cannot collect the order within a day from the time of receiving our call, you will have to pay an amount to cover our losses. The same goes for orders that you wish to collect from us. This will not be applicable if you notify us regarding your unavailability at least 24 hours before delivery. If we cannot get a hold of you in the given phone number, we will store your order in our custody at your own risk. We will not be responsible for the products if they are deteriorated. 

In special cases when the customer wants us to deliver their order in a different address, we will do so if the distance is not far from the specified shipping address. We do not assume responsibility of the condition of the products if the delivery address is altered at a later stage.

We have some concerns such as space and time. If you do not collect your order within a specified time, you will have to pay an extra amount. This is to cover our losses incurred from storing your products longer than required, spoiling of products thus becoming non-saleable, and for any other loss incurred. The amount will be decided on a case to case basis. 

We do offer deliveries just outside the door of the shipping address. But this is applicable only select areas in Norway. We reserve the right to decide if “delivery at home doorstep” is eligible for certain customers. The same is not possible if the home door is in a gated community where we may be denied access. This is also not applicable on orders that require identification before delivery.

When we deliver your products right outside your doorstep in your absence, we do not assume responsibility for the condition of the products. Any quality and shelf life criteria are nullified in such cases. We will notify you once we have delivered your order through an SMS and other push notifications. You also lose the right to complain if you have us deliver your order at the door in your absence. 

All Communications

If you are our registered user, it implies that you give us consent to correspond with you through emails, SMS, and other push notifications. It is important to note that we do not breach any policies to communicate with you. Please read our Privacy policies to understand how we save and process your personal information. 

User Duties

When you access our website or create an account with us, you concur for the following:

A. provide the right information about you 

  1. ensure that the account you create is only for your use and not represent anyone else 
  2. ensure that the user information is up-to-date, make changes whenever there is a change in address or contact information, etc. 
  3. if we suspect that you have provided us with incorrect information, we reserve the right to deny access to our website and other services
  4. ensure that you follow the Norwegian law. If we suspect that you are involved in any illegitimate activities, we reserve the right to terminate your account, withhold orders, and deny access to our website and other services. 

As a user of our website, you must take responsibility for the security of your account with us. You will be the person in-charge for all activities happening in your user account with us. You hereby commit to 

  1. Not sharing your account credentials with anyone 
  2. Make sure to notify us if you think that your account has been misused
  3. Read our privacy policies and terms of use and agree to them. 

Coupons and such

Royal Retail does offer coupons and discounts in the form of gift cards and coupons codes. These are digital discounts that can be availed, if your cart meets certain criteria. The coupon codes come with a limited validity and terms & conditions to be met. These T&C will vary from coupon to coupon. Coupon codes cannot be split between two or many orders. 

If Royal Retail detects exploitation of coupons by creating more than one account for the same person, etc we will deny access to our website and other services and invalidate any coupons the individual may possess. We will also disable his account(s). Furthermore, Royal Retail may also ask for a compensation for the loss incurred to the company by the individual based on the nature of the issue. 

Unavoidable Circumstances

Royal Retail is responsible for damage or loss of goods during the time of delivery and if the same is reported to us within 24 hours from the time of delivery. However, the same will not be applicable if the damage is found to have happened due to reasons that are beyond our control. Royal Retail is not responsible for damage or loss that happens indirectly.

Unforeseeable Circumstances

Royal Retail reserves the right to not adhere to the terms & conditions for reasons that beyond our control like weather, war, fire, or any other mishaps. If the circumstance is beyond our power, we may not be able to deliver the products on time or not deliver at all. In this case, we cannot be held responsible. If you happen to place prepaid orders with us, your money will be refunded in full. 

Disputes with Terms & Conditions

Any disputes on our Terms & Conditions fall under legal matters to be dealt with in a court of law. (Name of court to be mentioned) will be our venue. 

  • Royal Retail reserves the right to edit the terms and conditions without giving prior notice to the users. Users will be notified if there are changes done in the Terms of Use column. It is the responsibility of the user to check our terms and conditions every now and then. 
  • We do not provide any guarantee or warranty for the services we have made available. They can be considered as they are. We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to our Services as we see fit. 
  • We work hard to give accurate information to our customers regarding our products. However some errors may occur, and if it so happens the user has the power to terminate their order. 
  • Any information about the products like ingredients, nutritional value, allergens, etc are almost correct. If you happen to find any incorrect information, errors or omissions to be ignored. We urge the customers to read the content and ingredient list given by the product owners. 
  • We have used illustrative images on our website. They may differ from how they actually appear. 
  • Royal Retail is not responsible for the content our users or third parties transfer through our website. The users are responsible for the content and information they put on their account. 
  • We urge our users to read the privacy policies of the third party links and ads that we post on our website. We are not responsible for the content anybody posts on their websites. 


Royal Retail has its logo trademark registered. So the users are not allowed to use our name or logo or other images in any way that might confuse our users or imply that we may have sponsored you or recommend you or are associated with you without our written consent. We have obtained all permissions to use the content and images on our website. This implies that users cannot download any images or use any content posted on our website.