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privacy policy

Privacy Statement

Royal Retail requires that the personally identifiable data to be processed complying with Royal Retail’s privacy policies. We process all the information that the customers provide on our website based on our internal procedures and privacy statement mentioned here. 

We have skilled IT professionals who use technology to keep any unauthorised people away from our systems and access any kind of confidential information. Only very few employees of Royal Retail have access to the personally identifiable information that the customers share. It is to be noted that you cannot shop with us, without giving us some basic information like your full name, contact number, shipping and billing address. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policies and we will walk you through it. 

We have separate teams who access your information and process them. While one team process personally identifiable information for all legal purposes and other team processes your information to know your interests and to help serve you better. 

The main purpose of collecting your personal information is to build your profile based on the purchases you have made, to check if you have earned any kind of bonus through our reward points system, and manage your account in the best way possible. We also get your personal information to notify you of the ongoing offers or if there’s anything new we have introduced, we’d like you to be the first to know. We send out surveys for the customers to finish and earn rewards. Surveys help us serve you better. When you give your personal information, it will be considered that you are giving your consent for our privacy policies. 

Royal Retail will send out marketing emails and offers that are relevant to your interest and history of purchase. We acquire this information by observing your browsing pattern and we analyse your behaviour thoroughly. Based on customer behaviour, we categorise them into different categories and have corresponce with them accordingly. 

We notify customers while product recalling via an email or a phone call. This is based on your interest in receiving our communication. We will remember your choice if you have anything in particular when we have a phone conservation or any other communication. 

What personal information do we gather?

When you decide to shop with us online, we will require some of your personally identifiable information. Information like your first name, last name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, mobile number, email address. 

Do we share your information with anyone?

Royal Retail is a part of a group company. Your details will be circulated inside our group of companies including Royal Agro, Royal Digital, Royal Exim, and Royal Cuisine. 

Do we collect information from other sources?

We do collect some personal information that is available about you from different sources. This information could be, for instance, your address from the Register, we acquire such details just to make sure we have your updated information. 

Do we do Customer surveys?

Royal Retail does send out emails to the registered email address. When you provide us with your email address, you also give us consent to send you emails.  

Do we save any of your information when you access our website?

Yes, we will save some of your information like your computer IP address, your browsing pattern, the items you add to cart, etc with the help of Cookies. For more information regarding this, please visit our Cookies section. 

Can you opt out of any of our e-communication?

If you register your email with us, we will save your email address in our emailing list and start sending out marketing communications, e-newsletters about what’s happening in Royal Retail, information about your account, offers we are running, and the like. If you wish to opt out of this communication, you can achieve that by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button that comes in every email. We will save your preferences and the communication will be done accordingly. 

It is in your hands to give your consent for all the communications that you may or may  not want to receive. It is to be noted that, until you opt out of something, it is considered that your consent is still on. Please make sure you change your preferences for your consent in the Accounts tab. 

Royal Retail will acquire information that you like and present them to you electronically through email or other digital communication platforms like social media. We need your consent to do this. We will regardlessly send you emails of everything that’s happening within our company. If you give us your consent, we will acquire your browsing pattern, items you had purchased, pages you access, and items you add to cart and send you emails pertaining to your likes and interests. Apart from emails, we will also communicate with your through text messages, social media, etc. If you save your preferences with Push Mobile, we will note it and communicate with you accordingly. 

Do we analyse your data without your consent?

At Royal Retail, we acquire a lot of personally identifiable information. We do not process or save your information without your consent. It is to be noted that when you access our website and provide us with your information you automatically give us consent to process your data. If you so wish that we do not analyse your data, you can let us know by contacting us. We will then save your preferences and apply the same for all marketing and other communications. You can contact us to change your consent preferences. 

If you so wish to withdraw you consent for one or more items, we will have your personally identifiable information deleted, unless otherwise it is required by law to maintain your data. 

If you wish to retract your consent for us analysing your information, you will no longer receive customised emails with coupons and offers specially designed for you. Your preferences will still be visible on our website. 

If you wish to pull out of our e-newsletters, you can do the same by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button sent along with the newsletters in every email. This does not mean your email address will be deleted from our list for other communications and marketing purposes. 

If there are new amendments in the law with regards to processing your personal information, we will notify you of the updates, and also make necessary changes to our privacy statement. 

Data from New Recruits

While recruiting new employees, we will have to have access to employees’ personal data through documents like CV, application, and others. We are responsible for the way we process the data, if the employees apply with us directly. If we get resumes from any external companies or agencies, we cannot guarantee how the personal data of the employees will be processed. 

Rights to reservation:

You reserve the right to the way we process your personal information. If you wish to not receive any communication from us, you can notify us through email and we will act accordingly. The same goes for any marketing or advertising, email newsletters, any phone calls regarding anything new that we introduce, you name it. It is up to you to help us the way process and use your information. 

Access to your Information 

You have all the rights to access your personal data we have of you. All you have to do is Contact Us and let us know that you would like to know the details we possess of you. We will acknowledge your email within 24 hours and we will send you the details you require within 30 days from the date of request. 

Giving away personal data to third parties

We sometimes have to provide your data to our data processors who process your personal information for various purposes. We enter into a confidentiality agreement based on the current legislation while sharing your information. 

We are bound to reveal your personal information to any authorities or officials if they solicit your personal information for any purpose. 

As we have already mentioned, Royal Retail belongs to a group of companies. Hence, we will be sharing your personal data to our associated companies. Please make sure to read the privacy policies of our partner companies too.

Your Payment details

When you shop with us online, you might want to make a prepaid payment for your order. In such cases, you will be providing your payment details which could be your netbanking, credit or debit card, or any other payment details to successfully make the payment. We will not disclose your payment details to any third parties or any other business verticals in our group companies. 

Your demographic information 

We collect all your data and aggregate certain data and make you unidentifiable. For example, we aggregate data like age, demographic or statistical data. We sometimes do share your data that are aggregate and totally unidentifiable data and it is legal to do so. 

When do we delete your data?

We store your personally identifiable information as long as you are registered and maintain an account with us. We will store your purchase history for two and a half years and then we aggregate the purchase details, so that the details become unidentifiable. If you so wish that we should not process your data, you can write to us and let us know the same. When you do that, we will aggregate you details six months after every purchase is made. If you wish to delete your account with us, we will delete your personal details except the ones that are aggregated. 

Saving Documents

You are responsible to keep your receipts safe, as we will delete and aggregate your history of purchase after a point in time, as mentioned above. 

Any form of protest

If you do not want us not to process or analyse your information, you can Contact Us through email. Sometimes there can be situations that warrant our intrusion, if that’s true, your case has to be justified in the email.  

This means that you can raise complaints with us about the way your data is being handled at any point in time and we will take all necessary actions. 

Privacy policies Updates

Royal Retail will make some changes to the privacy policies from time to time. These changes will usually be minor. If there are major changes incorporated, we will notify you through email regarding the changes done. 


IP Addresses 

Cookies are small snippets of code or text files that are saved on your computer. We use deploy cookies in your PC to mainly observe your shopping pattern and behaviour on our website. These Cookies can only do so much, they cannot transfer virus or execute any programs on your computer. We can only access the machines where you grant us access to. We acquire your information like IP address, shopping behaviour, etc to customise our ad listings specially for you.

How to disable and delete Cookies? 

You have full rights to reserve the way Cookies are being used on your PC. If you do not want us to track your browsing history or behaviour, you can simply disable the Cookies. You can do this by visiting the Settings of your Browser. It is important to note that the website will stop working as optimally as it was with Cookies enabled, but you can still have access to our website and other information. 

Why do we use Cookies?

At Royal Retail, we use Cookies for various reasons that are mentioned below: 

Digital Ads – We have used Cookies on our website to gather information so we can put together digital ads, discounts, and other information that suit your likes and needs. For instance, we would watch your browsing history in our website and figure out the category of products that you look for the most. The next time you visit our website, we will customise the listings in such a way that you can choose for the products you are looking for hassle free and thus enhance your user experience with us. We do not save your information that we receive from Cookies along with your personally identifiable information. 

Logging onto your Royal Retail Account: 

Whenever you first sign in to your “My account” in our website, the “Remember Me” feature will automatically be checked. This means that you won’t have to input all your credentials to log on to you page. Whenever you access our site from the same computer or mobile, your account will automatically be signed in. This feature will also help us learn your likes and dislikes and preferences, so we can customise the listings according to your interests. 

If you would like to not being signed in to your account, you can choose to uncheck the “Remember Me” feature while signing in. So, you can sign in to your account by entering your credentials every time you would like to make a purchase. It is ideal to log out of your account, if you happen to use any computer that is not yours for security reasons. 

Data Safety

Any communications that happen between you and us, that is your web browser and our server are completely encrypted. We update our Cookies list regularly. Therefore providing utmost safety to your data. 


If you sign in to your account with “Remember Me” feature checked, this means you’re allowing us to place our Cookies on your device. For the next month and a half, whenever you visit our website, our Cookies will remember and identify you. This means you will be logged onto your account even when you’re accessing it. Our Cookies will save your basic information like Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Addresses, etc so that you won’t have to enter it each and every time you make a purchase. These won’t be deleted when you close the window. In order to delete this data, you have to visit the ‘Settings’ of your browser and go to “Cookie preferences” to make changes.

Cookies for eSales 

The cookies we deploy on your computer will help us track your behaviour and shopping patterns on our website to provide you with a customised list of items which you might prefer seeing. This data associated with the Cookies will be deleted five years later. Cookies will also store some of your other details like your personal computer/ mobile’s IP address, OS, location, and the source through which you visited Royal Retail.  

Google Adform 

Google Adform gets all the data related to statistics. For example, it will give us data like the number of clicks on ads, impressions, cost of purchase, etc. This data helps us tailor making the ad listings and offers to suit your needs. Adforms will not extract any of your personally identifiable data, all it does is get the generic data as mentioned. These Cookies have different tenure compared to the other ones. 

Social Media 

We use Cookies and such technologies while serving ads on Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These Cookies act like other Cookies in giving us your behaviour and shopping patterns. If you do not wish for these Cookies to be deployed on your computer or mobile or see these ads, please visit your Ads Manager and manage your ad listings. Some social media cookies live on your browser for years. You might have to manually remove these. It is ideal that you read the privacy policies of all Social Media networks you have an account on.